Schedules And More

Schedules and More offers...


Daily Schedule: You and your child can visually display what your child will be doing that day, flipping over each tag to show accomplishment and signify a transition to another activity.

Chore Chart:  You can visually display the responsibilities your child/ren need to accomplish that day, and they will flip over the tag to show completion of the task.

Getting Ready to Go:  For those kids who have difficulty staying on task in order to get out the door for an activity or to go to school.  Tags are placed on velcro, where the child can move them down to the "Done" section when finished.

Getting Ready for Bed:  To prevent nightime frustrations that occur when a child is expected to accomplish nightime responsibilities.  A child is given the visual cues so that he/she can know exactly what's expected of them.

Errands on the Go:  Tags with velcro in which you can prepare a child for what errands will need to be done outside the home.  Errand tags are displayed on the front of a portable strip and removed when finished.  This helps with the expected tantrums that occur as a child feels out of control and unaware of what's to come.

Calming Strategies key ring:  Portable picture tags with calming ideas pre-arranged between you and your child to use as their stress levels begin to rise.  As stress builds, communication begins to fail, making visual communication necessary.

Feelings key ring:  Portable picture tags with illustrations of a range of emotions being experienced by children.  When a child cannot understand or express what they're feeling as they experience life, they can identify with another's feelings.  

Step by Step strip:  Illustrated tags showing a beginning and an end to an obsessive task.  To help with transitioning through one activity to another.

Social Story:  Personalized story showing the child successfully accomplishing a difficult task that can bring much stress.