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Daily Schedule

(Chore Chart or Reward Chart also available)

*Includes pocket chart, personalized name, and 35 picture tags of different activities your child might do in his/her day.  Over 60 tags to choose from!






Preschool Classroom Schedule

(Song choice chart also available)

*Includes half size pocket chart with 20 picture tags, which you select, representing different classroom activities, such as circle time, wash hands, playground, painting, sandbox, ABC's... 



 Getting Ready to Go

*Includes 8 1/2 x 11 red, blue, or yellow laminated paper, with 2 rows of velcro and 12 picture tags with velcro backing. Items such as shoes, coat, sunglasses, backpack represent things your child needs to do in order to go out the door.




 Errands on the Go

*Includes red, blue, or yellow strip of laminated paper, with a row of velcro on the front and back and 20 picture tags with velcro backing that show pictures of places your child may go outside of your home, such as store, library, car wash, visit relatives, childcare...




Getting Ready for Bed

*Includes laminated 5 step picture chart showing potty, floss, brush teeth, wash face, and pajamas.

Backed on red, blue, or yellow cardstock




Step By Step Strip

*Includes up to 6 steps picture chart of items or activites chosen by you to help your child work through an obsession or something difficult for him/her.   

*** Learning to go potty Step By Step now available!       

 Backed on red, blue, or yellow laminated cardstock

Personalized at no cost if you email me your pictures.

*See “Personal Pictures” for pricing if I come take pictures for you.




 Feelings Key Ring

*Includes round key ring and 15 laminated emotion tags, such as worried, full of energy, confused, frustrated, meltdown...


 Calming Strategies Key Ring

*Includes round key ring and 15 laminated calming idea tags, such as take 3 breaths, go for a walk, get a hug, squeeze ball, exercise, talk to an adult...


 Personalized Social Story

*Includes 1 page with 4 pictures/parts of story showcasing your child succeeding in something difficult for him/her.

Personalized at no cost if you email me your pictures.

*See “Personal Pictures” for pricing if I come take pictures for you.

~2 PAGE SOCIAL STORY:    $18.00 










 *Includes 20 minute personalized “photo shoot” at your place of need within 20 miles